There is a design package to suit all, design packages start from only £300 upwards dependent on scale and complexity of job.

  1. Consultancy: initial meeting setting out your requirements, familiarisation of site, feasibility study and how our services can make your dreams become reality.
  2. Site survey: to determine boundaries, buildings, land heights and existing features in order to produce a design to suit the area. Any existing plans can reduce this cost.
  3. Concept: Scale drawing setting out proposed layouts in 2D.
  4. Presentation plan: Colour plan of garden to be the future.
  5. Visuals: Bringing 2D to 3D life, to see what the future design will look like be it isometric, sections, vignettes or models. “See before you buy”.
  6. Planting plans: Plants specified to tolerate given conditions to provide all year round colour and interest.
  7. Construction details: These are to be given to your contractor/ builder to enforce quality workmanship to prevent poor quality and misunderstanding.
  8. Written specifications: These are produced to ensure professional standard throughout the project.
  9. Contractor selection: Dealings with contractors who are best suited for your project, contract documentation, tender system and capability of completing work.
  10. Project overseeing: To ensure project proceeds as agreed as set out by plans, details, and specifications.
  11. Supply and install planting: due care and attention to detail to create exceptional planting schemes.
  12. Aftercare: Guides given to retain the designed space through quality maintenance.
  13. Existing plans: Understanding of plants throughout the garden put in to plan format to aid maintenance regime through understanding what exists.
  14. Garden design experience: Explore creative skills to understand potentials for the future exterior from a horticultural architectural designer's perspective. Scope of works dependent on your needs.