About me

The landscape and I have grown up together from helping mum in the garden to creating historic masterpieces in Bermuda. Knowledge and experience is vast from Landscape Architecture to horticulture to create individual to communal landscape projects.

Accolades throughout have comprised of Young designer, Masters in Landscape architecture and a Silver-Gilt at Chelsea 1995 “The Hermitage”.

It was all well and good being able to design exterior spaces but I wanted to understand the whole cycle from design, Build and Maintenance. This has been obtained from many years of maintenance work understanding plant growth and tolerances. Then many years design and build gaining understanding of quality and workmanship required to make dreams a reality to give customer satisfaction. With this experience being carried forward drives me on to the most loved aspects of the landscape sector as set out by Services.

Working in the landscape profession has led me travel e.g. Denmark, Holland, Bermuda and home the U.K. Gaining greater understanding of greening techniques be it green roofs, acoustic barriers, landscape parks, pleasure gardens, formal or informal gardens experience has been achieved throughout.

My character and knowledge has entitled me to carry out many diverse projects which can be challenging to create wonderful, enlightenment through our green spaces be it small or large as the Testimonials do show.